hi, I am Matteo.

film director and adventure lover.


I’m a 26-year-old film director based in Ravenna.

After graduating in 2017, majoring in digital communication in Cesena, I started working as editor and videographer.

Desiring more creative input for my works, I started up my two main projects: Lovinski in 2019 and Kolms-Hotels in early 2020, in order to bring high level of film craft to each project.

I’m always looking for a fresh perspective and a strong visual style, to define every project in full respect and collaboration with my customers.

Clients: Luxottica, Harley Davidson, Jovanotti, Albergatore Pro, La Romana, Technogym etc.


¯get in touch.

Headquarter here, but working worldwide.

T: +39 331 776 5154
E: info@matteosaragoni.com